Animal Husbandry


Animal Husbandry sector plays a vital role in agriculture based rural economy. The activities mainly constitute dairying, sheep rearing, goat rearing, piggery and poultry keeping. Although the activities remain traditional particularly in rural India, the process of liberalization and reforms under scientific advancement have made way for private small and big entrepreneurs to invest in this sector.


  1. Identification of Bacterial and Viral diseases, treatment to ailing animals and free vaccination program for animals.
  2. Improvement of cattle and buffaloe breeds through animal husbandry services.
  3. Making provision for availability of improved breed lambs and piglets.

Educating farmers about the various developments of the department by Extension and Training


  1. Supply of Minikets and Rootslips to farmers and help them seasonally produce necessary fodder based on their needs.
  2. Taking necessary steps to provide healthcare services and supply fodder during natural calamities or disasters.
  1. Prevent, control, eradicate animal diseases and provide diagnostic, therapeutic & veterinary services.
  2. Development of Fodder.
  3. Upgradation of cattle, buffaloes, small ruminants, poultry and piggery.
  4. Increase milk, meat & egg production with quality assurance.
  5. Provide assistance to livestock, poultry farmers & entrepreneurs.
  6. Improve livestock production technologies.
  7. Encourage hygienic production system, processing and marketing milk, meat & eggs.
  8. Establish Quality Control/Certification units for milk meat & eggs.
  9. Strengthening extension education activities.
  10. Conservation and development of native breeds along with genetic mapping.
  11. Establishing/strengthening Veterinary Institutions with focus on backward area.
  12. Socio-economic development of SC, ST, OBC and women through animal husbandry programs.

The Department is responsible for matters relating to livestock production, preservation, protection and improvement of livestock and dairy development, formulation of policies, programs and implementation in the field of Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development and Veterinary Services. The main focus of the activities is on:

  1. Development of requisite infrastructure in the State for improving animal productivity.
  2. Promoting infrastructure for handling, processing and marketing of milk and milk products.
  3. Conservation and development of native breeds.
  4. Preservation and protection of livestock through provision of animal healthcare.
  5. Strengthening of livestock Farms for development of superior gemplasm.
  6. Capacity building and human resource development.
  7. Research & development activities.
  8. Promote animal welfare activities.
  9. Implement Socio-economic programs.