The Deputy Director of Public Instructions is looking after the primary and secondary education in the District. In this District there are Five blocks namely Chamarajanagar, Kollegal, Gundlupet, Yelandur and Hanur. This System is looking after the implementation of following Schemes namely

  1. Recruitment of Primary and High School Teacher.
  2. Distribution of free textbooks, uniforms and bicycles to the students and Mid Day meals.

This system is looking after the implementation of Orientation courses for the teachers of Primary and High Schools in the Department. DDPI under Serva Shikshana Abhiyan (SSA) is looking after Kindergarden, the improvements to the existing infrastructure of schools by construction works like new school buildings, upgradation of schools , training programmes to the teacher, improving drinking water facilities and lavatories to the schools and other infrastructure development works are being implemented under the said scheme.