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      Haradanahally farm is situated only 4 km away from Chamarajanagar town and hence is ideally situated for starting KVK. This centre is accessable by road .The development department of the district can have regular contact with the centre and train their extension personnel and cliente. Since it is an agricultural farm , it truly represents the real farm situation . Thus there is a real need for starting of KVK Haradanahally seed farm under the administrative and technical supervision of UAS, Bangalore.

Main Agricultural problems of the district:

  1. Lack of awareness among the farmers of improved watershed technologies leading to low level of production of crops.

  2. Lack of understanding on the part of farmers regarding the scope for development of dry land orchards and their eco-friendly nature.

  3. Need for relevant and useful information on improved sericulture technologies, since it is practiced by large number of farmers.

  4. Lack of knowledge of farmers of improved technologies in Dairy, Poultry, Sheep and Goat farming practices.

  5. Water resources for successful fish production are available but they are not fully utilized.

  6. Non use of improved agricultural implements like seed drills, inter cultivation hoes, harvesters, threshers, sprayers and dusters by the farmers.

  7. Lack of knowledge and non adoption of improved seed production practices by the farmers.

  8. Lack of availability of information to farmers on the post harvest technologies in respect of Areca nut (Processing etc).

  9. Lack of knowledge among tribal farmers on improved agricultural practices and vocational enterprises.

  10. Need for training of rural artisans in Cottage Industries.

  11. Need for training of farm women in preparation and preservation of nutritionally rich food.

  12. Need for training of farm women in kitchen gardening and small scale household vocational jobs.


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