Statistics of Chamarajanagar District

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Information Provided by the District Statistical Office,Govt. of Karnataka, Chamarajanagar District Unit,  Room No.201 and 240, District Office Complex, Chamarajanagar 571313

1.District General Information

2.District General Information-Agriculture

3.District General Information-APL card and Total card holders

4.District General Information-Area and Population

5.District General Information-Area and Population-Distribution of Population by age group

6.District General Information-Area and Population-District wise Population by age groups and sex

7.District General Information-Area and Population-Rural & Urban Population

8.District General Information-Area and Population-SC

9.District General Information-Area and Population-Sex Ratio by residence

10.District General Information-Area and Population-ST

11.District General Information-Children Below 6 years population

12.District General Information-Different type of uses of Houses

13.District General Information-Distribution of Households by source of Drinking water

14.District General Information-Distribution of Houses by source of Lighting

15.District General Information-Electricity

16.District General Information-Fire stations & Others

17.District General Information-Literates and Literacy rate

18.District General Information-Percentage of Distribution of House holds by differents type of fuel used for Cooking

19.District General Information-Rainfall

20.District General Information-Ration shops and BPL card holders

21.District General Information-Working Population-Projected population

22.District General Information- animal husbandry live stock census 2007

23.District General Information- animal husbandry-Other Informations

24.District General Information- animal husbandry-Veterinary Institutions

25.District General Information- Fisheries

26.District General Information- Industries-Factories and Employees

27.District General Information- sericulture cultivation

28.District General Information- Small Scale Industrial Units and Sugarcane Factories

29.District General Information-Agriculture-Area of Principle crops

30.District General Information-Agriculture-Distribution of Chemical Fertilizers

31.District General Information-Agriculture-Distribution of Sowing seeds

32.District General Information-Agriculture-Net Area Irrigated

33.District General Information-Agriculture-Production of Horticulture crops

34.District General Information-Agriculture-Production of Plantation crops

35.District General Information-Agriculture-Production of Principle crops

36.District General Information-Agriculture-Production of Vegetable crops

37.District General Information-Agriculture-Yield of Plantation crops

38.District General Information-Agriculture-Yield of Principle crops

39.District General Information-Small Scale Units registered in District Industrial Centre

40.District General Information- Banks

41.District General Information-Co-operation and Agricultural Marketing-Credit Co-operative Societies

42.District General Information-Co-operation and Agricultural Marketing-Non Credit Co-operative Societies

43.District General Information-Education-Degree Colleges

44.District General Information-Education-Engineering Colleges

45.District General Information-Education-Medical Colleges

46.District General Information-Education-Polytechnic

47.District General Information-Education-Pre-university Colleges

48.District General Information-Health

49.District General Information-Health-Birth, Death & Infant Mortality Rate, Maternal Death

50.District General Information-Health-Hospitals and Doctors

51.District General Information-Health-immunisation

52.District General Information-Health-Leprosy control programme

53.District General Information-Health-Other Hospitals

54.District General Information-Health-T.B and Cancer control programme

55.District General Information-Primary and Secondary Education

56.District General Information-Primary and Secondary Education-Infrastrucure facilities in all Management Schools

57.District General Information-Primary and Secondary Education-Number of children in the age group of 6 to 14 and 7 to 14 years

58.District General Information-Primary and Secondary Education-Number of teachers

59.District General Information-Transport and Communication-Communications

60.District General Information-Transport and Communication-Four Wheelers

61.District General Information-Transport and Communication-Goods vehicles and Buses

62.District General Information-Transport and Communication-Other Department roads

63.District General Information-Transport and Communication-Taxies and Two Wheelers

64.District General Information-Ashraya Scheme

65.District General Information-BCM Hostels

66.District General Information-Beneficiaries under different schemes

67.District General Information-Birth and Death Statistics

68.District General Information-District & Percapita Income

69.District General Information-Dr.B.R Ambedkar and Indira Awaz Scheme

70.District General Information-Drinking Water supply Facility

71.District General Information-Excise Department

72.District General Information-MGNREG Scheme

73.District General Information-Minority Hostels

74.District General Information-Rural Development and Panchayatraj

75.District General Information-SC Hostels

76.District General Information-Scholarship paid to Primary and High Schools Students

77.District General Information-Social Security Schemes Beneficiaries

78.District General Information-ST Hostels

79.District General Information-Stree Shakti Plan-Bhagyalakshmi Scheme

80.District General Information-Stree Shakti Plan-Loans and Savings

81.District General Information-Stree Shakti Plan-Nutrition Programme

82.District General Information-Urban Development and Forest

83.District General Information-Indicators-Agriculture and Allied

84.District General Information-Indicators-Economic Infrastructure

85.District General Information-Indicators-Population Characteristics

86.District General Information-Indicators-Social Infrastructure

87.District General Information-Indicators-Trade and Finance

88.PhoneNos- talukoffices

89.PhoneNos-part1 district offices

90.PhoneNos-part2 district offices

91.Distance between taluk headquarters and district headquarters of chamarajanagar district

92.Conversion tables-english

93.Conversion tables-kannada

Additional Information for the year 2015-16 dated 21/04/2017

94. District general Information-2015-16 Jilla panchyath Goshware.pdf

95. District general Information-Applicants Registered in Employedd Exchanges.pdf

96. District general Information-Latitude, Langtitude and Mean sea level.pdf

97. District general Information-Library Information.pdf

98. District general Information-Sports and youth Service department.pdf


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